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Jessica deStefano studied sculpture under the following members of the
National Sculpture Society: Kahlil Gibran of Boston, Massachusetts,
Richard Duhme of Chautauqua, New York and Jean Carlson of Cornwall, New York.
Most of her figures range from 7 to 15 inches. She sculpts the originals in a
combination of polymer clays. They are then cast in porcelain resin.



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Shoulder Stand

Shoulder Stand Posture - Y133

Modified Child's Pose

The Modified Childs Pose - Y136

The Bow
Knee Head Stretch
The Lotus Position

It is said that just meditating on a yoga posture or asana can bring well-being and will enhance
ones' yoga practice. It was with this in mind that sculptor
Jessica deStefano created these yoga sculptures and figurines.
They are meant to be held and felt and meditated upon.
They are intended to bring you closer to self-realization and inner peace.
This is your true nature and the essence of yoga.

Each figure is approximately 5" tall and is cast in porcelain resin.

To order please call 949/497-3139 or
send email to followyourart2@gmail.com


Each yoga figure, like the asana it represents, is designed to improve
the health and balance of a different aspect of the body and mind.
Whether through meditation on the yoga figure or actual yoga practice,
each posture brings the yogi, or practitioner, closer to self-realization and health.

            • The Angled Head Stand yoga asana, for example, (also called Sirshasana utthita in Sanskrit)
              helps relieve stress and brings balance and health by sending oxygen to the upper body and head..
            • The Lotus yoga asana (padmasana) helps bring clarity and centeredness to the mind and body
              through meditation. This is the primary posture of yoga.
            • The Bridge yoga pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana) relieves stress and fatigue,
              and strengthens the back.
            • The Shoulder Stand yoga posture (Sarvangasana) strengthens the back
              and brings balance and health to the digestive tract.
            • The Childs Pose yoga asana (Utthita Bahlasana) releases pressure
              on the spine and promotes deep relaxation.
            • The Bow yoga asana (Dhanvrasana) brings strength, health
              and flexibility to the spine.
            • The Head to Knee Bend yoga asana (janu sirsasana) stretches
              the legs and tones the abdomen.

Feel very free to click above on the picture of any asana you wish to read more about.
You can see how these postures promote health and healing.